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Software to calculate the carbon footprint is a necessity today. But rather than compete with a whole host of more or less single-purpose web calculators, we decided to rely on a cutting-edge and proven solution after all. So herewith we publicly announce our cooperation with the Belgian company Carbon+Alt+Delete.

In order to provide a truly quality service to our customers in Germany, USA, Finland and other countries, we need quality software. Carbon+Alt+Delete is definitely that. In order to arrange closer cooperation, Lukáš Ferkl and Běla Ondrová went to Mechelen, Belgium, to discuss with Kenneth Van den Bergh and Javier García how we can benefit each other.

Lukáš Ferkl has many years of experience in cooperating with Belgian partners during his time at UCEEB. His team has worked on prestigious international projects with the team of Professor Lieve Helsen from KU Leuven. And because it’s a small world, the founder of Carbon+Alt+Delete, Kenneth Van den Bergh, studied with Professor Helsen. So Kenneth is not just a software supplier for us, but a partner with whom we can jointly offer the best that exists in ESG consulting today.