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We offer a clear and understandable approach to ESG and reporting.

Based on the initial ESG audit, we will assess your needs, set up the collection of necessary data, and propose a process that will help you meet legal requirements and identify business risks and opportunities.

Our services in the field of ESG

ESG Consulting and Education

  • We prepare educational workshops on ESG topics (legislation, sustainability strategy development, reporting process, etc.) for company management and their employees, institutions, and non-profit organizations.
  • We offer support and consulting in specific areas of ESG (requirements in the supply chain, legislative requirements, ESG reporting, etc.).

ESG Audit - Scan

  • The initial audit “ESG scan” helps us understand the needs and state of the ESG topic in the company to prepare a customized service offer so that the client pays a fair price and at the same time can prepare for effective and smooth ESG reporting.
  • During the workshop, we explain to company management and selected corporate experts the issues of ESG reporting and current legislative requirements.
  • We point out the risks and opportunities arising from the implementation of ESG standards and explain the process of data collection and processing.

Double Materiality Analysis

  • We help the client select significant (material) sustainability topics through impact, risk, and opportunity analysis and create a double materiality matrix.
  • Together with the client, we select key stakeholders and propose the most appropriate way for so-called “stakeholder dialogue”.
  • We assign relevant categories of ESRS standards to the topics resulting from the double materiality analysis for the preparation of the ESG report and set up the data collection process in the areas of E, S, and G.

ESG Strategy

Based on the double materiality analysis, we formulate an ESG strategy with the client and set strategic goals, relevant indicators, and the process of their monitoring.

ESG Reporting

  • Compilation and analysis of relevant data in the areas of E, S, and G and preparation of the technical appendix in accordance with ESRS standards.
  • Creation of non-financial report text for the relevant period.
  • Identification of communication topics.
  • Preparation of GAP analysis and recommendations for supplementing data collection, documents, and policies to meet legislative requirements according to the CSRD directive.
  • Preparation of methodology for data collection and processing for ESG reporting in subsequent years.

Do you know how prepared you are for ESG reporting? Fill out the questionnaire and get the results online immediately.

ESG Questionnaire

ESG does not have to be a nightmare for company management, but rather a tool for effective risk management.

Ing. Petr Ondráček MBAESG Team Lead

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