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Carbon Footprint

Reduce costs, increase revenue, gain a competitive advantage, and improve your company’s reputation.

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A company's carbon footprint is a metric for measuring the impact of its activities on the environment. By measuring your company's carbon footprint, you can identify opportunities to reduce emissions and save money.

Ing. Anna Zora Kloužková, MScSenior consultant

Carbon Footprint Audit

We help you reduce your carbon footprint by conducting a comprehensive audit of your company’s energy consumption.

Carbon Footprint of Products and Events

We measure the carbon footprint of your product, service, or event and suggest optimal solutions to reduce it.

Carbon Footprint Verification

Independent verification of the carbon footprint is essential for its reliability. Such verification ensures that emission data has not been manipulated and is transparent, supporting trust in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

CO2 Emissions Calculator

Tailor-made emission calculation tools. We create custom carbon footprint calculators for clients in the banking or automotive sectors. Simplify your carbon accounting with the most comprehensive system.

Main Benefits and Goals of Carbon Footprint Audit and Decarbonization Strategy

Easier Access to Capital

Banks now require assurance that their funds will be used with environmental consideration. When applying for a loan or investment, the sustainability of the project is a weighted criterion and the achieved rating has a direct impact on the cost of the requested funds.

Greater Transparency

Reporting as a public source of information about the company’s operations and the impact of your activities brings transparency to business, which may not be pleasant. We help you take valuable insights from reporting for your own improvement. This way, you gain new business opportunities and operational savings.

Compliance with Legislation

: Complying with rapidly changing sustainability legislation can be challenging. It’s not just about the obligation to report, but also about keeping up with current laws and regulations. We will explain the ISO standard and go through other specific laws related to the environmental impact of your operations (waste, water, emission limits).

Brand Prestige and Corporate Culture

Fair, considerate, open – these are attributes describing a company with a strong corporate culture that does not lack enough candidates from the younger generation. Especially ESG reporting, which summarizes the impact of activities towards employees, local communities, and the environment, is a significant building block of corporate prestige.

Faster Growth and Data Management

We help you find a way to systematically work with data, enabling you to optimize processes leading to savings and carbon neutrality. By setting up processes properly, you can reduce the environmental impact and operational costs with reasonable investment costs.

Our consultants work across industries and can propose the ideal solution that leads not only to improved sustainability but also to efficiency and associated financial performance of the company.

Doc. Ing. Lukáš Ferkl, Ph.D.Managing partner

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