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EnviTrail was created in response to the growing demand for carbon audits.
It proposes a workable solution with an economic return.

It has real industry experience which it combines with the knowledge and background of a technical university.

It is a spin-off of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

We encounter a range of issues that companies (not only) in the Czech Republic typically worry about.

How will legislation change?

  • Will I have to change production processes because of it?
  • Will my water supply be shut off when drought hits?
  • Everyone is getting some certifications now, shouldn’t I be too?
  • If I get solar panels, will that make it cheaper to produce?

We help companies in their transformation towards reducing their carbon footprint so that it is a workable, tailored solution for them, both environmentally and economically. Because we know how the industrial environment works, we recognise that it’s not easy to invest in something that companies don’t necessarily need, so we always try to find a tailored solution that will have a real economic return as well as a positive environmental impact. Given our overlap, we can also arrange favourable financing or grant advice.

Whether you want to “just” calculate your carbon footprint, design an optimal strategy for achieving carbon neutrality or need comprehensive ESG reporting, EnviTrail will propose a workable and, most importantly, economically viable solution.