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“We are pleased that our company EnviTrail has passed the independent audit according to ISO 9001 for the field of Carbon Footprint Calculation. This certificate is a guarantee of quality for our customers,” said Lukáš Ferkl, Managing Partner of EnviTrail.

The carbon footprint is an essential input to the Sustainability Data Reporting Directive (CSRD) currently under preparation. It will apply to all companies with more than 250 employees and a turnover of more than EUR 50 million, publicly traded companies and companies with an annual balance sheet total of more than EUR 43 million. In addition to the traditional financial statements, companies will be required to disclose non-financial reporting in their annual report as early as 2023. Given the nature of the CSRD, it can be assumed that the number of companies that will submit non-financial reporting will be much larger.

The obligation to calculate carbon footprints will thus fall on most companies in the European Union in the coming years.