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LINET Group SE, headquartered in Slane, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hospital beds, nursing beds, mattresses and related smart technologies. In an effort to address its environmental impact, the company has had its carbon footprint audited under the GHG Protocol.

This effort was driven in part by the requirements of the European Green Deal, national legislation and customers demanding solutions and reductions in their carbon footprint. In addition to reducing its carbon footprint, LINET is also preparing for non-financial reporting, which will be mandatory in the Czech Republic from 2026.

In an effort to improve its sustainability, the company is measuring its energy, water and waste generation, setting targets and replacing all lights in its operations with LED lighting.

Bylo zjištěno, že kategorie "Nákup materiálů" ve Scope 3 tvoří více než 60% jejich celkové uhlíkové stopy. V reakci na to začala společnost oslovovat svůj dodavatelský řetězec s dotazy na uhlíkové stopy jejich produktů.

Lucie SiskosovaCEO EnviTrail