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In the automotive sector, the calculation of the carbon footprint is a topic not only in relation to the entire company, but also to individual products. Automotive companies look at the overall carbon footprint of the final product. Therefore, companies supplying components to the automotive industry need to know the carbon footprint of the components they supply. One such company is Mesa Parts in East Bohemia, which we helped with the calculations together with KB Advisory.

Mesa Parts decided to calculate its carbon footprint as part of its long-term strategy to be prepared for the reporting requirements of automotive companies. It gained a significant competitive advantage by being able to provide its customers with a carbon footprint calculation according to both the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1. Take a look with us not only in the production hall.

Michal Lichter, managing director of Mesa Parts, Lukáš Ferkl, managing partner of EnviTrail, and Jan Vanýsek, sales director of KB Advisory, talk about the details of the cooperation.